Shamsul Anuar bin Abdul Majid

Chief Investment Officer, Johor Corporation Director, JLand Group (JLG)

Shamsul Anuar bin Abdul Majid was appointed as Chief Investment Officer (“CIO”) of Johor Corporation (“JCorp”) on 15 April 2021. Shamsul carries an expansive, in-depth and time-tested career in board directorship within Johor Corporation’s group of companies and its subsidiaries, where he has navigated JCorp’s most complexed portfolio of investments including REITs, healthcare, real estate and its publicly listed companies to become the nation’s success story it is today. 

Shamsul’s leadership approach in steering JCorp’s strategic future is multifaceted, robust and systemic, which is imperative for an organisation with multiple subsidiaries to grow a strong investment foundation for value creation, market positioning and lead in cutting-edge transformation. His accomplishment as a director and executive, during and prior to joining JCorp is a testament to his intelligence to steer growth that sustained companies both in Malaysia and globally, in areas such as equity management, real estate, catalytic developments, regional economic growth, healthcare, oil and gas financing, and energy consulting. For this reason, JCorp was able to experience incremental and meaningful growth with Shamsul’s influence in market capitalisation, investor relations and sustained profitability. 

Shamsul held the position of General Manager at JCorp from 2017 to 2020 before assuming his current role as CIO. Within 5 years of joining JCorp, Shamsul carried the responsibility of Director and Member of the Board for up to 10 of JCorp’s portfolio of companies. These include KPJ Healthcare – Malaysia’s largest private hospital operator, QSR Brands – JCorp’s fast food chain operation, Kulim Malaysia Bhd palm oil plantation, Johor Land Berhad property development, JLand Group real-estate holding, Damansara Assets Sdn Bhd, TLP Terminal Sdn Bhd – the operator of Tanjung Langsat Port Johor, and 3 publicly listed companies namely Damansara Holdings Bhd, REIT Al-Aqar and REIT Al-Salam. 

Prior to JCorp, Shamsul was Director and Partner to Fikiran Sepakat – a boutique consulting company, and Executive Vice President of Strategy and Feasibility at Iskandar Investment Berhad. His experience in the energy sector includes Vice President of Finance and Special Projects at Grenland Malaysia – a Norwegian oil and gas company, Energy Sector Specialist for the Boston Consulting Group and Planning Analyst at Shell, Malaysia. 

Shamsul earned a BSc. in Chemistry (Honours) from Imperial College London under a prestigious Shell sponsorship, holds an MBA in Islamic Finance from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), and is a certified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with the CFA Institute USA.